Gothic Theatre

Performed at 1 time. Appeared at this venue for 0.1% of all shows.

November 22nd, 2019

Gothic Theatre, Denver, CO

SET ONE: Calling Out1 2, Good Enough, Down With Disease3

SET TWO: Burn It Down, Weight of the Word, Split The Difference > Eon Don > Timmy’s Blades > Eon Don, Little Something To Me, Be the Same4, Dammit > Mind Games

SET THREE: Dave’s Song5 > Sunflower, Come and Go, The Median > Second Sight6, On the Edge, Random Company

Encore: Origami7 8

Notes: 1 Bustout, LTP: 4/13/18 (133 shows) 2 Around the Fur (Deftones) tease 3 Bustout, LTP: 12/7/14 (489 shows) 4 Origami tease 5 Sunflower (Vampire Weekend) teases 6 Rearranged (Limp Bizkit) tease 7 A-Punk (Vampire Weekend) teases 8 Blind (KoRn) tease

Set one was for VIP "King for a Day" ticket holders only
Eon Don done "Neon Don" style