Performed at 12 times. Appeared at this venue for 1.2% of all shows.

August 3rd, 2016

8x10, Baltimore, MD

SET 1: Super Mario Bros. Theme > Aldehyde > Donkey King Theme1 > Song of Storms2 > Don't Do It > Green Hill Zone Theme > Don't Do It > Super Mario Bros. End Theme, Saria's Song > Eon Don > Super Mario Bros. Castle Theme > Triangle > Gerudo Valley2 > Triangle > Pokemon Main Theme3 > Pokemon Theme Song3

Notes: 1 Donkey Kong - David Wise cover, Aqueous debut 2 Legend of Zelda - Koji Kondo cover, Aqueous debut 3 Pokemon - Seiji Momoi cover, Aqueous debut

This was a video game themed set for the first of three residency shows at the 8x10 that took place every 2 weeks in August 2016.