Iron Works

Performed at 6 times. Appeared at this venue for 0.6% of all shows.

April 9th, 2016

Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

Set 1: Numbers and Facts > Warren in the Window, Random Company, Starman1 > The Median > Aldehyde

SET 2: Plane Crash > What's the Connection?, Skyway, Dave's Song > Marty > Dave's Song2 > Origami

Encore: Flutes of Chi3 > Don't Do It

Notes: 1 David Bowie cover, Aqueous debut. 2 Unfinished 3 Ween cover, Aqueous debut

Meatstick [Phish] and Stir it Up [Marly] teases in Warren
FABA and Bats in the Cave [Dopapod] teases in Median
The Pit [moe.] tease in What's the Connection
Spirit of Radio [Rush] tease in Skyway
Freak on a Leash [Korn] tease in Dave's Song
Fire on the Mountain [Grateful Dead] teases in Marty
Spiritualize [Lotus] tease in Don't Do It

October 31st, 2015

Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

SET 1: MGM Wizard of Oz Theme1 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions), Eon Don, Mulligans2, Complex Pt. I > Wandering > Complex Pt. II, If I Only Had a Brain3 4 > King for a Day > Somewhere Over the Rainbow3

SET II: Speak to Me > Breathe5 6 > On the Run5 6 > Time5 7 > Great Gig in the Sky5 6 > Money5 7 > Us and Them5 6 > Any Colour You Like5 7 > Brain Damage5 7 > Eclipse5 7

ENCORE: Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road8 > All In4

Notes: 1 Wizard of Oz cover, Aqueous debut, mash-up style 2 Funktional Flow cover, Aqueous debut 3 Arlen/Harburg cover, Aqueous debut 4 w/ Matt Harris on sax 5 DSOTM was performed with Joey Lewis (guitars), Matt Harris (sax) and Sarah Jane (vocals) 6 Pink Floyd cover, Aqueous debut 7 Pink Floyd cover 8 Elton John cover, Aqueous debut

This was the second of a two night sold out Halloween run at Buffalo's Iron Works.
This show was themed after the movie Wizard of Oz, with Mike as the Scarecrow, Evan as Dorothy, Dave as the Tinman and Tom as the Cowardly Lion.
Eon Don had Barracuda [Heart] and FABA [Dopapod] teases
King for a Day has Fearless [Pink Floyd] teases
All In has an If I Only Had a Brain jam

October 30th, 2015

Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

SET 1: Power of Love1 > Aldehyde2, Calling Out, Mr. Sandman3 > Enter Sandman4 > Origami5, Mice > Don't Do It, Dr. Brox6 > Underlyer > Earth Angel7 > Johnny B. Goode8, Strange Times > Back in Time1 2


Notes: 1 Huey Louis cover, Aqueous debut 2 w. horn section (Justin Lackie on Sax and Pat Allison on Trumpet) 3 Chordettes cover, Aqueous debut 4 Metallica cover, Aqueous debut, Unfinished 5 Evan on keys 6 LTP 1/28/2015 98 shows 7 Penguins cover, Aqueous debut 8 Chuck Berry cover, Aqueous debut 9 Steely Dan cover, Aqueous debut, Joey Lewis from Funktional Flow on guitar

This was a Back to the Future themed show for the first of two sold out shows at Buffalo's Iron Works for Halloween weekend.
Dave was dressed as Marty McFly at the dance, Evan was Marty in the red vest, Mike was George McFly, and Tom was the Doc.

April 18th, 2015

Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

SET 1: Underlyer > Complex Pt. I, Marty > Timmy's Blades > Back to You, Kitty Chaser (Explosions) > Triangle1

SET 2: Sheep Go to Heaven2 3 > The Median3 > Nugget2 3 > The Median3, Hem of Your Garment2 3 > Origami3 > Love You Madly2 3 > Origami3, Commissioning A Symphony in C2 3 > They're Calling for Ya3 > Wheels2 3 > They're Calling for Ya3, Daria2 3 > Arco Arena2 3 > Comfort Eagle2 3 > Don't Do It3, End of the Movie2 3 4

ENCORE: Short Skirt, Long Jacket2 3 > The Distance2 3 5

Notes: 1 w/ Ending 2 Cake cover - Aqueous debut 3 Played w/ Keyboardist/Percussionist Harry Graser 4 Nogle on accordion 5 Nogle on vocals

The second set of this show was themed around the music of the band Cake. We called it "Cake-Queous".

Kitty had a Shine On You Crazy Diamond tease (Floyd)
TCFY had wheels teases (Cake)
FABA teases before encore (Dopapod)

December 31st, 2014

Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

SET 1: Mosquito Valley Pt. I1 > Warren in the Window > Auld Lang Syne > Warren in the Window, All In, Eon Don > Aldehyde > Stickshifts And Safetybelts2 > Aldehyde, King for a Day3, Underlyer > Skyway > Under Pressure4

ENCORE: What's the Connection?5 > Dave's Song6

Notes: 1 Alternate version 2 Cake cover - debut 3 Included parts of Eric Johnson's Cliff's of Dover 4 Queen cover - debut 5 Performed as Reservoir Tip: Mike on drums, Evan and Ryan on guitars, Dave on Bass 6 w/ Jeff from Funktional Flow on guitar, Dave on keys

October 25th, 2014

Iron Works, Buffalo, NY

SET 1: Dawn1 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions), 20/20, Complex Pt. II, Origami, Carry on my Wayward Son2, Strange Times3 > Willy is 404 > Random Company > Staring Into the Sun5

ENCORE: Give it to Me Baby6 > Gordon's Mule

Notes: 1 Opening track from Cycles played over speakers prior to Kitty Chaser 2 Kansas cover, AQ debut w/ Kenn and Julian from The Mantras 3 3rd stone from the sun tease 4 Crossroads tease (In memory of Jack Bruce) 5 w/ ending 6 Rick James cover, BUSTOUT LTP 10/29/2014 (302 shows), Ryan on vox