Night Lights Music Festival

Performed at 14 times. Appeared at this venue for 1.4% of all shows.

August 25th, 2017

Night Lights Music Festival, Sherman, NY

Set one: Marty1, Complex Pt. I1, Something1 2 > Cellino1, Staring Into the Sun1 > All Apologies1 > The Pioneer1 > Conducive Melodies in D1

Set two: Weight of the Word3 > Triangle, They're Calling for Ya > Jeremy4, Second Sight, All In

Notes: 1 AQoustic 2 The Beatles cover, debut 3 Original, live debut 4 Pearl Jam cover, debut, Rob on vocals

Set one was performed all acoustic on the Cafe Stage

Conducive last played 12/7/2014 297 show gap
Pioneer last played 12/18/2013 526 show gap

August 26th, 2016

Night Lights Music Festival, Sherman, NY

SET 1: In the Meantime1 > Friends Theme2, Gin and Juice, Plush3 4 > Doug Theme5, Undone (The Sweater Song) > Rugrats Theme6 > Possum Kingdom4 7, Longview8, Ironic9 > Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles@@ > Friends Theme, Cumbersome4 @@@, ...Baby One More Time > I'm Blue@@@@, Break Stuff@@@@@ > Freak on a Leash@@@@@@ > Friends Theme > Break Stuff

Notes: 1 Spacehog cover, Aqueous debut 2 Boyce Avenue cover, Aqueous debut 3 Stone Temple Pilots cover, Aqueous debut 4 Rob on vocals 5 Nickelodeon Cover, Aqueous debut 6 Mark Mothersbaugh cover, Aqueous debut 7 Toadies cover, Aqueous debut 8 Green Day cover, Aqueous debut 9 Alanis Morisette cover, Aqueous debut @@ Chuck Lorre cover, Aqueous debut @@@ Seven Mary Three cover, Aqueous debut @@@@ Eiffel 65 cover, Aqueous debut @@@@@ Limp Bizkit cover, Aqueous debut @@@@@@ Korn cover, Aqueous debut - incomplete

BUST OUT ALERT - Gin and Juice last played 3/4/2011 [548 shows]
Shine tease [Collective Soul] in Plush
Down tease [311] in between Plush and Undone
BUST OUT ALERT - Undone last played 7/10/2014 [240 shows]