Bullfrog Brewery

Performed at 1 time. Appeared at this venue for 0.1% of all shows.

November 20th, 2010

Bullfrog Brewery, Williamsport, PA

SET I: Fame > Warren in the Window, Mosquito Valley Pt. I > You Enjoy Myself Jam > Mind Games > Breathe > Mind Games, Dave's Song > Bathtub Gin > Dave's Song1, Triangle2, Good Times, Bad Times, Eon Don3 > Take me out to the Ball Game4, Aldehyde > So I'm Told, Marty, Super Mario Bros. Theme > Uncle Phil's Parachute > Rebubula > Uncle Phil's Parachute5 > I Want You (She's So Heavy), Possum4

Notes: 1 The Pit tease, Yodelittle tease, Clear Night Skies tease 2 California Love tease 3 Unfinished 4 First time played 5 Push it tease