The Fairways

Performed at 7 times. Appeared at this venue for 0.7% of all shows.

January 21st, 2011

The Fairways, N. Tonawanda, NY

SET I: Eon Don, Franklin's Tower, Mosquito Valley Pt. I1 > Marty, The Right to Remain Nameless, Dave's Song2, Mind Games3

SET II: Fairways Jam > Down With Disease > Warren in the Window > Godzilla4 > Triangle > Sasquatch > Come Together > Minuet in G5 > Uncle Phil's Parachute > Cellino, Aldehyde

Notes: 1 Tweezer tease 2 Wolfman's Brother tease, Peanuts Theme Song tease, Big World tease, In the Hall of the Mountain King tease 3 World is Spinning tease 4 Bad Boys for Life tease, Handcuffs tease 5 First time played

July 30th, 2010

The Fairways, N. Tonawanda, NY

SET I: Eon Don, Cars Jam1 > Marty > Mind Games2 > The Pit > Sasquatch > Mind Games, Uncle Phil's Parachute > Come Together > Tweezer Reprise3

SET II: So I'm Told > Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) > Dig It Good > Super Mario Bros. Theme > Cellino4 > Aldehyde3, Triangle, The Pioneer, Dave's Song5 > Big Poppa > Dave's Song6, Echoes, Mike's Song

ENCORE: Mosquito Valley Pt. I

Notes: 1 Stranglehold tease, Third Stone From the Sun tease 2 Killing in the Name Of tease 3 First time played 4 Feels so Good tease 5 Roundabout tease 6 Set Free tease, Clear Night Skies tease

February 5th, 2010

The Fairways, N. Tonawanda, NY

SET I: Mosquito Valley > Bennie and the Jets, Dave's Song > Voodoo Chile (Slight Return)1 > Run Like an Antelope, Mice2, Superstition3 > Mike's Jam, Don't Stop Till You Get Enough4

SET II: Pawn Shop, Marty5, Dear Prudence > I Want You (She's So Heavy), Mind Games, LA Woman, Triangle, Fame > You Enjoy Myself Jam6, Uncle Phil's Parachute7, Down With Disease, Wadsworth4 > Gettin' Jiggy With it4

Notes: 1 Killing in the Name of tease 2 Shine on Jam 3 Quality Control tease, Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" tease 4 First time played 5 Wadsworth tease 6 Immigrant Song tease 7 Beatbox Breakdown, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room tease

November 13th, 2009

The Fairways, N. Tonawanda, NY

SET 1: Dave's Song, Fame, Crosstown Traffic, Mice, Uncle Phil's Parachute, Come Together1, So I'm Told, Super Mario Bros. Theme, Billie Jean

SET 2: I Want You (She's So Heavy), Triangle, Breathe, Mind Games2, Superstition, Mike's Jam, Mosquito Valley, Regulate3

ENCORE: Santeria

Notes: 1 Bathtub Gin tease 2 Character Zero tease 3 For Regulate Dave jumped on keys, Nick took Evan's bass, Evan and Mike were spitting bars and towards the end when we were jamming Ryan Nogle was off duty and he hopped on Nick's percussion and played the rest of the song with us.