All shows from 2017

Played 104 shows in 2017.

December 31st, 2017

Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

SET ONE: Origami, Second Sight1, Dave's Song2 > The Median3

SET TWO: M1A14 > Warren in the Window > Clint Eastwood4 5 > Dr. Ooo Improv I5 > Auld Lange Syne > Warren in the Window, Don't Do It > DARE4 > Aldehyde, Last Living Souls4 > Glitter Freeze4 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions) > Tomorrow Comes Today4 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions)

ENCORE: Empire Ants4 > Feel Good Inc.5 > Dr. Ooo Improv II5 > Feel Good Inc.

Notes: 1 Let's Go Buffalo chant in celebration of the Bill's getting in the playoffs 2 Little Drummer Boy (Katherine Kennicott Davis) teases 3 Dirty Harry (Gorillaz) teases 4 Gorillaz cover, Aqueous debut 5 Featuring Dr. Ooo

Auld Lang Syne last played 2015/12/31 219 shows
Feel Good Inc. last played 2011/01/29 702 shows

December 8th, 2017

Hodi's, Fort Collins, CO

SET ONE: 20/201, Warren in the Window2, They're Calling for Ya3 4 > All In5

SET TWO: Uncle Phil's Parachute, Underlyer, Triangle6

Encore: A Day in the Life7

Notes: 1 Riders on the Storm (The Doors) Jam 2 Meatstick (Phish) tease 3 Unfinished 4 Enter Sandman (Metallica), NY State of Mind (Nas) teases 5 Shofukan (Snarky Puppy), Killing in The Name Of (Rage Against the Machine) and Rebubula (moe.) teases 6 Know Your Enemy (Rage Against the Machine) segment 7 The Beatles, in tribute to John Lennon's passing

BUST OUT ALERT: Day in the Life last played 2/26/2014 (423 shows)

December 1st, 2017

Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY

Set One: They're Calling for Ya > All In1, Mosquito Valley Pt. I2 > Mosquito Valley Pt. II

Set Two: Strange Times3, Dave's Song4 > Bennie and the Jets, 20/20

Encore:: Gordon's Mule

Notes: 1 Tweezer and Divided Sky (Phish) teases 2 Song of Storms (Zelda) tease 3 Linus and Lucy (Peanuts), Saria's Song (Zelda), Third Stone from the Sun (Jimi Hendrix), What's the Connection?, Where is my Mind? (Pixies) teases 4 Fire on the Mountain (Grateful Dead), Spirit of Radio (Rush) teases

Last time complete Mosquito Valley was played in order is unknown but prior to the Giant Something release in 2011

November 17th, 2017

Bell's Eccentric Café - Back Room, Kalamazoo, MI

Set one: Random Company1 > Origami, Mosquito Valley Pt. I > Don't Do It

Set II:: Strange Times2 > Numbers and Facts, Aldehyde3 4, Gordon's Mule5

Encore: Mosquito Valley Pt. II6

Notes: 1 Unfinished 2 Shine (Collective Soul), What's the Connection, Life in The Fast Lane (Eagles), Franklin's Tower (Grateful Dead) teases 3 Crash Into Me (fakeout) in intro 4 Julia (Pigeons Playing Ping Pong) teases 5 Waiting on the World to Change (John Mayer) teases 6 Next Episode (Dr.Dre) teases

October 31st, 2017

Zydeco, Birmingham, AL

SET ONE: For Whom the Bell Tolls1 > Origami2, Weight of the Word > Willy is 403 > Spiderwebs4 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions), Highway to Hell5, Don't Do It

ENCORE: Complex Pt. I > Zombie6 > Complex Pt. I > Runnin with the Devil7 > Complex Pt. I

Notes: 1 Aqueous debut, Metallica cover, intro only 2 With Somebody's Watching Me (Rockwell) jam 3 unfinished 4 Aqueous debut, No Doubt cover 5 Aqueous debut, AC/DC cover, with Travis Gray (Wild Adriatic) on lead vocals 6 Aqueous debut, Cranberries cover, no vocals for verses 7 Aqueous debut, Van Halen cover

August 25th, 2017

Night Lights Music Festival, Sherman, NY

Set one: Marty1, Complex Pt. I1, Something1 2 > Cellino1, Staring Into the Sun1 > All Apologies1 > The Pioneer1 > Conducive Melodies in D1

Set two: Weight of the Word3 > Triangle, They're Calling for Ya > Jeremy4, Second Sight, All In

Notes: 1 AQoustic 2 The Beatles cover, debut 3 Original, live debut 4 Pearl Jam cover, debut, Rob on vocals

Set one was performed all acoustic on the Cafe Stage

Conducive last played 12/7/2014 297 show gap
Pioneer last played 12/18/2013 526 show gap

August 3rd, 2017

Riverboat Bar, Alexandria Bay, NY

SET 1: Mosquito Valley Pt. I > Dave's Song1 > Complex Pt. I, Mind Games2, Run Like Hell3 4 5

SET 2: Marty, Random Company > Triangle, Second Sight, Gordon's Mule6

ENCORE: Numbers and Facts7

Notes: 1 Marty Tease, unfinished 2 Origami Tease 3 Tweezer (Phish) tease 4 Aerials (System of a Down) tease 5 Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd) teases 6 No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) teases 7 Present Ghosts (Dopapod) tease

There was a Dr. Brox fake out prior to Numbers and Facts

July 7th, 2017

Highline Ballroom, New York, NY

Set 1: Skyway, Uncle Phil's Parachute1 > Don't Do It1 2 > Highline Jam2, Booth Love2 3, National Anthem2, Strange Times2, Kid Charlemagne2, Random Company > Numbers and Facts > Random Company

Encore: Origami1

Notes: 1 Unfinished 2 Ft. Jake Cinninger and Joel Cummins of Umphrey's McGee 3 Aqueous debut, Umphrey's McGee cover

This was an after show - earlier in the day Aqueous opened for Umphrey's McGee in Central Park for a 2 song set: Second Sight, Kitty Chaser (Explosions)

May 26th, 2017

Summer Camp Music Festival, Chillicothe, IL

SET 1: Kitty Chaser (Explosions)


One song Aqueous set following the Dookie set featuring Mike, Ryan Stasik and Kris Myers

Dookie Set:

I: Dookie (played in full), The Grobe, My Name is Jonas, Blitzkrieg Bop, Geek Stink Breath > Sweater Song, Its Gonna be a Long Night, I Wanna be Sedated, Say It Ain't So, Unsung, Hash Pipe, Short Skirt Long Jacket, Brain Stew

April 29th, 2017

King's Rook Club, Erie, PA

SET 1: Calling Out1 > Dave's Song > All In, Second Sight2 > Complex Pt. II > Bohemian Rhapsody > Warren in the Window > Bohemian Rhapsody

SET 2: Mind Games > Kitty Chaser (Explosions) > Uncle Phil's Parachute, Mosquito Valley Pt. I > How High You Fly > Triangle > Kitty Chaser (Explosions)

Encore: Alive3 4 > Calling Out

Notes: 1 Fake-out, short intro only 2 Technical Difficulties - Impromptu jam 3 Pearl Jam cover, Aqueous debut 4 Rob on vocals

Marty Teases in Dave's Song
Bohemian teases in Warren
Kitty had a FYMFYD jam
Triangle had MV1 teases
Set 2 included lots of Nuthin' but a G Thang teases

Bohemian Rhapsody last played 5/4/14 340 show gap

March 23rd, 2017

Flour City Station, Rochester, NY

SET 1: 20/20 > Second Sight, Triangle1 > Sasquatch > Phase III, No One Knows2 > How High You Fly3 > The Median > Staring Into the Sun, Jam > Kiss From a Rose4 > Kitty Chaser (Explosions)

ENCORE: Dave's Song1 5

Notes: 1 w/ Ending 2 QOTSA Cover, Aqueous debut 3 Original, debut 4 Seal cover, Aqueous debut 5 w/ Colin Shore [Mister F]

Clear Night Skies [Aqueous] tease in Median.

20/20 last played 2016/8/11 71 shows
Sasquatch, Phase III last played 2013/7/13 416 shows
Dave's Song ending last played 2014/12/31 259 shows

February 9th, 2017

Hodi's, Fort Collins, CO

SET 1: Eon Don > Timmy's Blades > Eon Don > Dave's Song > Numbers and Facts, Marty > Mosquito Valley Pt. II > Bennie and the Jets > Mosquito Valley Pt. II

ENCORE: Half In, Half Out


Ordinary Average Guy [Joe Walsh] teases in Dave's Song
Marty teases in Dave's Song and Numbers and Facts
So Fresh, So Clean [OutKast] and Wots uh The Deal [Pink Floyd] teases in MVP2
Stockholm Syndrome [Muse] tease in HIHO
BUSTOUT - Bennie and the Jets last played 2014/8/14 277 shows
BUSTOUT - Timmy's Blades last played 2015/11/21 129 shows