Setlist from November 16th, 2019

November 16th, 2019

Lincoln Hall, Chicago, IL

Set One: Staring Into the Sun1 > Conducive Melodies in D2, Falling3 > What's the Connection?4

Set Two: Burn It Down, Warren In the Window, Jealous, Skyway, Underlyer, On the Edge > Aldehyde

Set Three: Come and Go, Marty, Little Something To Me, Be the Same, Dammit, Origami5, How High You Fly, Triangle

Encore: Mind Games6

Notes: 1 BUSTOUT, LTP 11/2/2018 96 shows 2 BUSTOUT, LTP 8/17/2017 189 shows 3 BUSTOUT, LTP 12/30/2018 63 shows 4 Ending only. 5 "Ride the Snake" teases 6 Blackbird (Beatles) jam/tease

Set one for VIP ticket holders
Marty was ska style

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