Setlist from June 18th, 2015

June 18th, 2015

Buffalove Music Festival, Westfield, NY

SET 1: What's the Connection?1 > Staring Into the Sun > Don't Do It, My Lovely Man, Underlyer > All In

SET 2: Cloud World2 > Skyway3, Freight Train2, Bats In The Cave2, Strange Times > FABA2

Notes: 1 Beast mode Nogle destroys another helpless drum 2 Dopapod covers played as AquaPod 3 Aqueous songs played as AquaPod

The second set of this show was billed as "AquaPod" and included all members of Aqueous and Dopapod participating in various combinations.
Underlyer had Bats in the Cave teases [Dopapod]
Cloud World had Skyway Teases
Bats in the Cave had a Skyway Reprise
Life in the Fast Lane tease in Strange Times [Eagles]

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